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          [ DGNS ]
We are a mature group of PC gaming enthusiasts specializing in first person shooters. Based upon the fundamentals of having fun and good games with good friends.  We collectively support this site, various dedicated servers, and a TeamSpeak 3 server. Most of the members build/modify and customize their own computers, we are willing to help others that are interested in doing so. We do not discriminate based on skills and scores. Our rules are based on fair play, integrity, and mutual respect!   

We communicate via a Teamspeak 3 server, feel free to join TS.DGNS.US  You are welcome to introduce yourself in public forum section HERE

 Register to become a member of our site and you will be emailed a reply shortly.

DGNS Members always wanted!  If you feel your a good match for this community please feel free to send in a DGNS Tags application

 Thank You!
 From all of us at
 DirtyGuns Founders
 Tackless , MorseCode 
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